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Happy Birthday!!!
The Institute of Coding celebrates 2nd birthday and 32,000 enrolments.
(January 2020)

IoC Central Newsletter
Updates from IoC's Director, achievement of IoC in 2019 and plans for this 2020 year.
(January 2020)

Cyber Clinic Northumbria students got offers from NEBRC
We are happy to let you know that North East Business Resilience Center (NEBRC) has offered the position of ’Cyber Security Consultant’ to nine Cyber Clinic (Cybersecurity) students. They will be offered paid work to secure businesses in the North East against cyber-attacks. Thanks to Shaun Lawson (Head of Department) and Institute of Coding for their support for the Cyber Clinic.

The selected students are:

  • First Year
  • Cosmin Bianu
  • Kalon Robson
  • Sam Dale
  • Second Year
  • Ryan Milner
  • Matt Chambers
  • Carl Slatter
  • Joe Cockcroft
  • Third Year
  • Iqra Haq (MComp)
  • Aqeeb Hussain (MComp)

Sixteen students had applied for the post, fourteen were shortlisted for the interview and presentation on 18/12 and nine were selected, where NEBRC is open to select more students in the future. In general, they were quite impressed by our student’s performance (and thank you for that).

(07 January 2020)

Northumbira Cyber Clinic Hack Demos
This was another session of Cyber Clinic organized by IoC Northumbria on Wednesday 4 December 2019 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at CIS202.
The Cyber Clinic aims to help students grow in their knowledge and skills in pen-testing/ethical hacking using Kali Linux tools, so that they can pen-test the local businesses in future.

Detective Inspector Martin Wilson, Head of Cyber and Innovation, from NEBRC was there to talk shortly about NEBRC and the student recruitment from Northumbria.

This session had SIX short ’Hack Demos’ from the Cyber Clinic student team, as follows.
1. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) using Maltego
2. RFID Card Cloning
3. WEP/WPA Wireless hacking
4. Password Cracking (and possibly Rainbow Table Attack)
5. ARP Spoofing
6. Aggressive NMAP Scanning

Note: Kali Linux/VMWare installation and basic Linux commands: good tutorial to watch and learn for begginners.
(04 December 2019)

Cyber Crime Club 2019
Cyber Crime Cup 2019 was organised by British Computer Society with the final round of competition on 25 Nov 2019. Check event details.

Well done to ’Northumbria Cyber Clinic’ team NULL!
Though they did not win the cup, they made it to the top 10 teams out of 56 teams. They ranked second in the qualifying round, among 35 universities. This shows the quality of our students. Royal Holloway Universityof London was the winner.
Please congratulate our students for this achievement!
(28 November 2019)

Launch of The North East Business Resilience Centre (NEBRC)
The NEBRC launched on 14th November at Richmond, where Mandy Haeburn-Little, Chief Executive of Business Resilience International Management (BRIM) and Former Chief Executive of Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) did the opening speech.

We were approached by Durham/Northumbria police when they heard about the Northumbria ’Cyber Clinic’ (funded by the Institute of Coding (OfS)), so that we can work for NEBRC to provide the technical expertise for pen-testing and other cyber activities, where students who are selected would be paid for the work. NEBRC will be a meeting point for police, businesses and academia.

This opens up great collaboration (i.e. enterprise and research) opportunities between police, businesses and Northumbria University, in the area of Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics.
(14 November 2019)

Code for success*
In the digital age, the ability to understand code and coding is a highly valued skill.
(23rd July 2019)

Plugging the digital skills gap
Article in the Summer Northumbria Newspaper, page 20.
(June 2019)

IoC Northumbria Newsletter
Institute of Coding team at Northumbria University were the first to produce a newsletter, ahead of any other consortium members.
(5th April 2019)

Mums show how it’s done at coding workshop
A project designed to inspire a new generation of coders, and encourage underrepresented groups to consider a career in coding, is celebrating its second successful event.
(2nd April 2019)

Plugging the digital skills gap
Article in the Spring Northumbria Newspaper, page 22.
(April 2019)

Data Science for Everyone event*
We are delighted to be hosting the Data Science for Everyone lecture, which will include discussions on a variety of techy topics including data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
(15th February 2019)

Teach the Nation to Code: Python
Teach the Nation to Code is a free coding workshop which is aimed at inspiring you to start a career in tech.
(February 2019)

Interested in learning to code?*
In the digital age, computer programming is everywhere − from the software on your laptop, to the apps on your phone and the websites you browse − all are created using code.
(25th January 2019)

Learn to code at free workshop
In the digital age, computer programming is everywhere − from the software on your laptop, to the apps on your phone and the websites you browse − all are created using code.
(25th January 2019)

Northumbria University joins Institute of Coding to tackle UK digital skills crisis
Northumbria University, Newcastle has joined the The Institute of Coding (IoC), a consortium of universities and employers, with a mission to develop the next generation of digital talent at degree level and above. The IoC was formally launched during a special event in the House of Lords last night.
(22nd June 2018)

Northumbria helps to plug digital skills gap as founder member of new national Institute of Coding
Northumbria University is to play a leading role in a new £40 million nationwide Institute of Coding, established to plug the digital skills gap and give UK an edge in the global digital economy.
(26th January 2018)