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University of Northumbria at Newcastle

Institute of Coding - Breaking into Cyber Security

Speaker: Rohan Durve, Lead Security Consultant @Context

Date: 28-01-2020
Time: 13:00-14:00
Venue: ELA 102a

There will be an exciting Cybersecurity talk and demo by Rohan Durve, who was a CIS graduate of Northumbria University and did his project under Dr Graham Sexton, the previous HoD.

Rohan will speak on cyber security and opportunities in the field. Although he primarily works in adversary simulation (red-teaming) and penetration testing, other company departments hire from forensic, incidentresponse, business development, international politics and management backgrounds. His company hires over two dozen technical and non-technical interns, placement year candidates and graduate-level roles every year. As a lead consultant, he often finds himselfin a hiring positioning for his department and therefore could offer insight into what the technical requirements for strong applicants are.

Speaker Profile:
Rohan (@Decode141) started his career as a bounty hunter and then moved into specialist consultancy at Context Information Security. He primarily assesses Windows systems, but has previously contributed to application and software research (such as Formula Injection and client-sided code execution vulnerabilities in common software). He’s spoken and delivered training conferences (such as IEEE, BSides London and BSides Las Vegas) across the globe and holds certifications such as OSCE, OSCP, CREST CCT APP & INF.

Please come and attend as it will be quite an insightful session.